"The Highway Bus"

The traffic was backed up as far as the eye could see all along Karori Road past the cemetery, The road was a river of colour vivid in the morning sun. And the Wellesley Bus came crawling--- Crawling---crawling--- And the Wellesley bus came crawling collecting boys one by one.

Senior boys get the back seat, Juniors at the front, plenty of room for everyone there's no need to hunt, The lights go on in the tunnel and it's under the viaduct. There's a traffic jam in Glenmore Street. Dead slow speed in Glenmore Street. We'll never get out of Glenmore Street, 'cause we're permanently stuck!

Over the bridge to the motorway Pete picks up speed. Roaring down the outside lane he wants to hit the lead. Pete's hands are on the steering wheel his feet are on the floor. Pete's eyes are alert for danger, danger---danger--- He silently watches for danger and it's on to the Petone foreshore.

The bridge, the lights, the roundabout--when will it ever end. The bays, the sea, more bays, more sea, Pete skids around the bends. Choppy the waves, the breakers are high today, we may be late. Pete puts the bus to its max, speeding--- Speeding---speeding--- He puts the bus to its max right up to the Wellesley gate.

Nicholas Hancox, Year 8 Wellesley College, 1997

"Thought Poems"

School: I saw. People talking. People yelling. People thinking. On the first day of school. - Jamie Griffin, 13

Dreadful School: I saw. Dull teachers. Tired students. School buses arriving. Doom about to begin. - Clinton Topp, 13

1997: I saw teachers. Eagle eyed. Checking clothing. Socialising. On the first day of school. - Debra Jones, 13

Uniform: I saw the uniform. Screaming. Being hidden. Getting laughed at. On the first day of school. - Glenda Taituha, 13

Canteen: I saw. Canteen Extensions. Flash. Big. Neat. On the first day of school. - Haley Easton, 13

3/4 Form Homeroom, 1997 Piopio College

"The Truth About Teachers"

Teachers are bossy, whining things. Who treat us like brats, and themselves like Kings. They say we are imperfect and a terrible disgrace, When its really them who are out of place. We slave away at homework and assignments too, While they just watch the footy and shout, Ya-Hoo." They torture our brains and force us to work hard. It's easy for them as they read off a card. They punish us for things that they think we did, When really it was some other kid! They say we are cheeky and too much trouble, But they've just had a pay raise and now they're paid double. A TEACHERS word can scar us for life, An insult from them is like a stab from a knife. Which brings me to the conclusion that I must tell, Maybe I'll become a teacher and put kids through hell. - Chris Findlay, Form 2, 1997, Mangakahia Area School

    "Our Class"
    A is for Adam and Aron too,
    B is for Brett who is the only boarder
    C is for Chris who is a bit out of order,
    D is for nobody but should be for somebody,
    E is for Elliot the surname of Gareth
    F is for Forrest and we don't mean Gump,
    H is for Hannam the fullback called Reece
    I is for intelligence which means our class,
    J is for James who is a bit psycho,
    K is for Kerryn who is a big care bear,
    L is for Leonard who is a loveable young man,
    M is for Mrs. Wright who is gladly our teacher,
    N is for Nick who is a real good farmer,
    O is for O'Connor, Reagan is his name,
    P is for Prestney ... he's totally insane,
    Q is for Quentin we don't know who he is
    R is for Ryan he has comics galore,
    S is for Sam who is always smiling
    T is for Tom and his mates Dick and Harry
    U is for underwear everyone wears it,
    V is for Van Laar he has a Dutch accent
    X is for X-rays, Josh always has them,
    Y is for yellow which is the colour of our class
    Z is for Zachery who's not in our class
    And here's a few extras that we haven't managed to mention.  There names are Peter, Jonathan, Pim, Shane, Mark, Paul, Michael, and Greg.
    Francis Douglas Memorial College, 1996

    "But You Didn't"
    Remember the time
    I stole your lollipop and ate it?
    I thought you'd cry ...
    but you didn't.
    Remember the time
    I dyed your favorite t-shirt
    pink by accident?
    I thought you'd kill me ...
    but you didn't.
    Remember the time
    I spilt coffee on your assignment
    that had taken you days?
    I thought you'd hate me ...
    but you didn't.
    Remember the time
    I told everyone lies about how
    you had bits so they wouldn't like you?
    I thought you'd forgive me ...
    but you didn't.
    - Tracey Firth, Form 4JK
    Wanaguni High School