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New Zealand school uniforms are the most visible aspect of the country's schools. New Zealand educators are, however, confronting many less visible issues such as public school finance, discipline, ethnic diversity, disparities in family income, the future of private schools, modernizing the curiculum, local contol of educatiin, and many other issues. How this small democracy is addressing these issues offers valuable insights to educators around the world.

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New Zealand Schools

We are publishing a book describing school life in New Zealand. We have visited over a 100 elementary and secondary schools all over the country to photograph everyday school life. Many additional schools as well individuals have submitted material for our book.

We would be very interested in any insights or interesting personal experiences you could provide us for our project.

Our primary interest is any written comments (short or long) you could provide us about your own personal experiences. We would like to hear from current students (primary and secondary), former students (of any age), teachers, and parents. Details on what kind of information we would like is described on the next page. (Select "Contributions" from the links memo.) We would also be interested in any other interesting material you might like to submit, including drawings, photographs (especially old time photos), poems, etc. Incidentally by old time photos we do not mean just really old photographs, but would like to include some from the more recent past, including the 1940s-70s.

We have also attached some digital drawings of representative photographs. Most of the pictures in the book, however, will be straight forward photographs.

We would greatly appreciate any suggestions or comments you might have on our project.